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About AJAXillustrations

After some detours, I realized that being an illustrator is my path to fulfillment. Before stumbling upon this enlightened realization, I learned to fix planes, dance on stages, survive fashion week(s), then planted roots in children’s educational publishing. That’s where the convergence of my passion for art with my belief in spreading visual literacy took place.  

Being immersed in education, I was constantly reminded of how easily visual literacy can be overlooked. I believe visual literacy is an important skill to nurture and develop throughout life. You don’t just ingest information when looking at art. You cultivate feelings and learn to perceive the world in your own way. I want viewers to be fully aware of what they can experience just by being present in the moment of what is in front of them.

My love for art began as I watched my dad draw. I hoped that one day I could do what he did. I felt it in my blood. I watched Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons and voraciously tried to redraw them. A spark would be ignited when I experienced the lives of mutants and superheroes. A new idea was presented before me; there is a passion that lets you create infinite universes of endless possibilities. 

I am a self-taught artist and I am not done learning. My illustrations are heavily influenced by Japanese manga and American comic disciplines.
I would like to explore more of what if? in my illustrations. Through my paintings, I am currently exploring how the diverse cultures of the world are connected in their subtleties and rooted in women. 

For commissions, please fill out my contact section or message me on Instagram @ajax_illustrations.

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